Welcome to brother Gilbert

This is the homepage with the attempt to depict the medical situation in the 14th century and to show my pharmacy presentation online.

Historical pharmacy presentation is a goal that I have been pursuing for a few years. Based on the sources, I follow the recipe books and try to show an excerpt from the pharmacy. For the time being only in the 14th century. But the plan is to show other times at some point.

Why is it just an attempt to depict the medical situation?

The topic of medicine in the Middle Ages is just as extensive as the medical situation today. Starting with the doctor and pharmacist, we also go to the bathroom and then end up with the faith healer.

But in order to understand how medicine works in the Middle Ages, one has to deal with the basis of medicine, the doctrine of the four juices. Medicine is based on this and is therefore constantly being further developed. Only with Paracelsus in the 15th century and the advancement of alchemy did the medical attitude change. Until today. Medicine received a real boost in the 19th century, so that certain diseases that were fatal can now be cured. However, this medicine is no longer based on the doctrine of 4 juices, so that today we have a completely different view of medicine than people in the Middle Ages.

I will not use the term conventional medicine, as this was actually coined by the homeopaths as a fighting term. Medieval medicine also has something in common with homeopathy. Medicine can best be compared with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The medieval recipes of medicine are partly in research and partly give good results. Most of the recipes are not suitable for imitation, because they have been classified either by the Narcotics Act or as toxic.

Therefore I try to give an overview. Which is added again and again. Because the research goes on and on and there are always new insights.

With this in mind: Have fun exploring

Note: German law is used on this page. Other countries may have tougher treatment of medicinal drugs in some cases.